Mind / Body Wellness Center for Integrative Therapies

We specialize in helping people live a happier life by addressing anxiety, depression, trauma, stress, attachment, relationship and family dynamics.


Work We Can Do Together

  • Explore thoughts, beliefs and decisions that have kept you from making enhancements in your life that you desire
  • Learn skills to help you manage your mood, gain increased capacity for emotion regulation and distress tolerance
  • Improve relationships by developing more meaningful connections
  • Develop goals and build a plan for desired change while limiting fear of failure
  • Build resilience and learn to rely on it when life seems overwhelming

Our Approach

We believe that an integrated approach is most helpful. We will notice how your thoughts and feelings connect to your behaviors and physical sensations and any images that may arise during sessions. The emotional awareness created can help you have more freedom to evolve into the person you desire to become. This type of integrated approach will empower you to maintain a place of acceptance for yourself as well as manifest ongoing mindful healing practices.

We will help you by offering some of the most researched, evidence-based therapeutic treatments available.