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Anxiety can be emotionally crippling. It keeps us up all night, lost in thought when we need to be focused, and creating irrational fear that can stop us dead in our tracks. Creating the ability to control the symptoms will empower you to move forward without always questioning yourself.

Depression may keep us from going after our goals and even stop us from getting out of bed. It robs us of motivation and before we know it, days, weeks, and months have passed. We may not even know where that time went and perhaps do not care. Improving awareness and skill building to combat the symptoms can increase happiness.

Trauma is prevalent in our lives. Most of us have been impacted by an overwhelming incident at some point or may have experienced developmental trauma as a result of our childhood experiences. We will assist you to learn more about the possible trauma you may be storing.

Stress can be defined as any type of change that causes physical, emotional, or psychological strain. It is your body's response to anything that requires attention or action. Developing a clear understanding of how stress impacts your physical and mental health is important. It's also important to recognize how your mental and physical health affects your stress level

Attachment refers to the ability to form emotional bonds and empathic, enjoyable relationships with other people including family, friends, and partner relationships. Insecure attachment early in life may lead to attachment issues and difficulty forming relationships throughout life. Understanding your attachment style based on your developmental structure can promote better relationships with people in your life.

Relationships We can help you navigate the issues that commonly plague partner relationships and guide you both in the direction of better communication patterns. We work on enhancing each person’s ability to connect and become more aware of each other’s needs. Whether you are looking to rebuild trust, minimize conflict, or to work on deeper emotional connection there is hope for building a stronger union if both partners are willing to commit and be vulnerable in the process of growth.

Family Understand your specific family dynamic and why dysfunction exist. We can meet with some or all family members to help each participant to be heard and understood by one another. You will gain more awareness of hierarchal roles and form new constructs for future behavior patterns. We also specialize in adjustment and transitional issues; blended families.